Like many other churches, we regularly run the Alpha Course. This is a course that offers the opportunity to explore the basics of the Christian faith and life.

We are planning another Alpha course here at Gracious Street with the course starting on Monday 10th February at 7 pm with a simple meal and continuing for approximately 10 weeks. Each session will last an hour and a half.  If you don’t know what an Alpha course is, or have never attended one, I’d like to ask you to seriously consider coming along.

The course itself is DVD based and is an opportunity to explore life, faith and God in an informal way.

If you have ever asked questions such as:

  Who is Jesus? Did he even exist?
  Why did he have to die?
  What does it all have to do with me?
  Does the Bible have anything to say in today’s world?
  Does God really guide us?
  What about prayer? Does it work?........

then this course is for you!

It’s about asking questions or just listening - maybe finding answers but encouraging you to find out for yourself what this relationship with God can really mean for your life.

Alpha, like the Greek letter itself, is just the beginning. Come along and find out!

If you want to ask any particular questions or are uncertain as to how to get involved please do speak with Sue Whalley (01423 862252) or email