COGS Creative Writers

A small group of friendly people meeting roughly bi-monthly to encourage and share our writing journeys. Broadly, poetry, but not necessarily the rhyming kind!

Some of us have been writing for years, others are new to this area of expression, but all have found the group stimulating and worthwhile.

We sometimes collaborate on work for specific events or services, so our work is of a ‘Christian’ nature. However, we all write about many subjects: nature, world events, personal hopes and fears, muses, reflections etc. A variety of styles too.

In 2016, we produced POEMS FOR ALL SEASONS which, once costs were covered, we sold in aid of ALL WE CAN and other charities.

In 2017, our minister Gail, threw us a challenge to produce an Advent book. We rose to this challenge and ‘AN ADVENT JOURNEY’ was born. This book included a Bible passage, poem/reflection and a prayer for each day of Advent, along with sketches by one of our writers, Jenny. It was used as a resource within and beyond the church, and was very well received. As writers we were surprised and humbled by the response. We welcome commissions as well as enquiries from seasoned or tentative writers!

God is alive and kicking in this genre, and when we read our work out loud, the writing takes on a power of its own! Together and individually we look forward to the next stage of our adventure with words! Work by this group will feature in the Holy Week and Easter services as well as our monthly CONNECT services, in the Grapevine magazine and on this web page. For details, contact Hilary on 01423 864002.

We take this opportunity of thanking our ministers, Gail & David, as they move on, for the support, endorsement and encouragement they have consistently offered to us all as writers.

Here’s a recent piece as we await Spring’s arrival. It’s by Elizabeth Ali.


(In three pieces)

1. The Sun’s return

The snow has worked its wonders on the ground,

As snowdrops peep above the blanket crisp,

And Spring begins to knock upon the door

Of Winter, as the sun begins to rise

Further to the east each dawn

Moves higher in the, still cold, crystal blue,

Imparting real warmth, at last,

When in a sheltered spot;

Its glow, invigorating each small bud

To swell in promised bounty.

The clouds roll in and wash the snow away

With gentle rain.

Rinsing the face of Spring

As she wakes from her long slumber.

2. Wet ground - a walk after Spring rain.

A brisk walk on the freshly washed path,

Washed by Spring rain,

Or was it hail, sleet, snow?

The curious stones scrubbed clean by the pounding,

Yet others, muddied by their lowly place,

Slow drainage and companion stones’ wash!

Striding out into the fields,

The squelch and squeak of mud

Under our Welly boots,

Then scooping toe-fulls of mud which fly ahead

Or to the side as we slither and slide. 

Puddles in the way!

Too late to stop them-

What child in wellies can resist a puddle,

Or the dog, for that matter-

We will be trundling home soon thinking

We have wet, woolly sheep 

In our party!

3. Spring Garden

The garden awaits,it calls through the frost,

It casts out a lure to draw us outside.

Peppered under the trees, fresh yellows and greens,

The Aconites glow, in the frost, yet serene. 

Winter’s secret delight, the snowdrops appear

And there, interlopers, long hidden from view

The creamy-flowered Hellebores, feigning they’d gone!

‘Christmas Roses’ their name, putting in a late show,

With their velvet-red cousin, Lenten Roses, on time.

Multitudinous Primulas  seem to survive

Despite freezing temperatures nipping their nose.

We turn and remember, despite Winter’s thrall,

Resurrection is here as the sun climbs on high.