COGS Creative Writers

We’re a small group of friendly people who meet roughly bi-monthly to encourage and share our writing journeys. Broadly, the work we produce we’d describe as poetry, but not necessarily the rhyming kind!

Some of us have been writing for years, others write songs or articles or are new to this area of expression, but all have found the group stimulating and worthwhile.

We sometimes collaborate on work for specific events or services, so our work is often specifically Christian. However, we all write about many subjects: nature, world events, personal hopes and fears, muses, reflections etc. A variety of styles are represented too.

Some of us have had work published and enter competitions; recently four of us produced a book: POEMS FOR ALL SEASONS (pictured) which, once costs were covered, we sold in aid of ALL WE CAN and other charities.

We have expanded our ‘membership’ this year and welcome commissions or enquiries from seasoned or tentative writers!

God is alive and kicking in this genre and when we read our work out loud, the writing takes on a power of its own! Together and individually we look forward to the next stage of our adventure with words!

Work by this group will feature in the Holy Week and Easter services as well as our monthly CONNECT services, in the Grapevine magazine and on this website.

For further details contact Hilary on  01423 864002

Hilary, Sue, Elizabeth, Sue, Christine & Jenny